Mission february 2020

Preparations for the next mission from February 17 to 28. The volunteer therapists who commit to this second mission: Lyna Trinh, Edith Callait, Mani Burband, Mathilde Becker, Catherine Hedon, Laetitia Magnolon. Sarah Budd will join the mission on the 2nd week for obstetrics training. “

On February 17, 2020, the second Hands of the Heart mission began in Cambodia.

Lyna, Edith, Mathilde, Laétitia, Catherine had the pleasure of meeting our three interpreters, Vireak, Tha and Phireak. We were greeted at the Chrey and Ta Los clinics for the first week, and then were based at Maung Russei Hospital the following week.

Many patients requiring a second treatment or more were able to come to one or other of the sites

On this mission, we had the pleasure of welcoming Dr HUN Thourida from the NGO Lake Clinic as well as 2 of his medical colleagues to our healthcare team. She actively participated in the care.

In addition, a sad event having deprived us of our interpreter Pioun, Thourida agreed to ensure the translation of all the training: the quality of his participation was remarkable, both by his dedication and by his humanity.

Sarah and Mani joined the team the following week. They are in charge of obstetrics training with 17 midwives and 3 Cambodian doctors. This training was eagerly awaited. Very attentive and motivated, all of the participants were, according to Sara h and Mani, a group of exceptional quality.

Sarah BUDD, practitioner in Chinese medicine, midwife with 30 years of clinical experience and Mani BURBAND, practitioner and trainer for many years in Chinese medicine provided theoretical and practical courses on the treatment of mother and child in pre and post partum (management of side effects, nausea, vomiting, pain, stress…)

Practical case for reversal of a baby in the seat due to moxibustion (this type of treatment can only be carried out under the supervision of a therapist because there are contraindications to the use of moxas).

The whole family assisted the young mother during this work.

Auriculopuncture sessions with the NADA protocol, developed to treat addictions and also used for emotional problems, depression …

5 needles are placed in the ear and then vaccaria seeds or magnets.

Revision sessions: students have a version of the course in English and must write down the Khmer translation in order to better memorize all the techniques learned during the week

Add interviews with doctors from Lake clinic, as well as Sarah and Mani

And the little ones too could be taken care of…

During the 15 days in the dispensaries and in the hospital, the children could also benefit from the care thanks to the presence in our team of 2 therapists (Mathilde and Laétitia) trained in child care.

During the last mission in November, Lyna and Olivier had made several sessions for this woman bitten by a snake. This injury completely prevented him from mobilizing. Her sufferings were such that she could no longer sleep or eat.

By the end of the 1st stay, the pains had subsided, allowing him to regain his appetite and sleep better. The hip had been released, allowing him better mobility.

Today, we had the pleasure of finding her…. Standing, and able to move.

Treatments were continued in order to relieve her of the last pain in the ankle, which was still limited in movement.

The sessions continue throughout the 15 days. The pathologies have diversified, the age of the patients is younger than during the first mission and the beginnings in the care of children have been greeted with enthusiasm.

The mission ends with 250 patients treated, 17 midwives and 3 doctors trained in obstetrics.