Non-profit humanitarian association law 1901
85 rue Centrale 69870 Poule les Echarmeaux

Lyna Trinh (president), Mani Burband (treasurer), Véronique Cathez and jean-Christophe Papelian (communication managers), Vireak Do via skype (translator), Marie-Christine Diana, Maria Bernal, Grégory Burgunter, Laëtitia Magnolon, Antoine Vigne, Eric Thivolle, Patricia Meyrand, Cécile Gorand, Catherine Hedon, Edith Callait (secretary).


Olivier Besançon-Matile, Michel Soukharith, Mathilde Becker, Marie-Ange Paget, Christiane Gereys, Marie-Josée Petit, Henri Champavert.

The agenda for the convocation was followed and presented by Lyna, (see the power point). Members were asked to bring the facebook pages and our site to life for greater recognition.

Donations are always welcome and everyone can find a mode of action: kitty in the practitioner’s office, actions at fairs, conferences …

Qigong course in Greece in April, the profits of which will be donated to the association. File to Lilo (internet research platform) so that the “drops” are allocated to us. We were also asked to contact the regional media: press, radio, television to let us know, members coming from different departments.

Financial report shows very good account management

The missions of November 2019 and February 2020 are completed and funded, we need to prepare that of November 2020: donations and applications are open.

In the various questions, we opened the debate on the possibility of creating a training center, it is up to us to define, the format, the content… .. it emerged that we wanted to keep our ethics of being at the service of the most disadvantaged , and that our presence in Cambodia stemmed from their needs, while respecting their traditions and sharing knowledge between our two cultures. It also seemed obvious that we should base our teaching on the fundamentals of TCM. A big project is to be built …

At 11 am the meeting is closed, we warmly thank all our members who by their support, their presence, and their enthusiasm allow us to move forward on this path.