Association Charter


Non-profit humanitarian association law 1901

85 rue Centrale 69870 Poule les Echarmeaux


This charter defines the ethical framework to which the signatories may refer at any time during their mission to the population concerned by the action of the association Les Mains du Coeur pour le Cambodge.

It also defines the objectives of the mission, and the way in which interpersonal relations will be part of the smooth running of the mission.

Engaging in the missions of the association is:

• Objective 1: volunteer to offer the most vulnerable and most deprived Cambodian population access to alternative medical care, thanks to everyone’s skills in Traditional Chinese Medicine (acupuncture, Tui Na, pharmacopoeia, dietetics).

• Objective 2nd: to be together a united and sympathetic multidisciplinary team, to prioritize the success of the association’s missions and its sustainability.

• Objective 3: provide voluntary training in TCM for local healthcare staff, taking into account their possibilities and capabilities.

• Bring with you if necessary, and according to everyone’s possibilities, the equipment necessary for their practice so that care is provided in the best conditions.

• Ensure the cohesion of the volunteer team, by a non-judgmental attitude, and respectful of everyone’s freedom.

• Commit to express oneself freely and peacefully in the event of interpersonal conflict, and also to accept dialogue with respectful listening.

• Be honest: there can be no personal financial enrichment.

“Tradition is the transmission of fire, not the worship of ashes”

Gustav Malher