Your donations are levers for our actions with the Cambodian people and are used to finance our projects on the ground.

100% of your donations finance 100% of our projects

How do we use your donations?

In Cambodia, access to care is precarious and the need for equipment is considerable. Your donations are used to buy and bring care equipment on site.
For example, the moxa we use for the treatment of a baby in a seat costs $ 12 each, in France we find boxes of 10 sticks of moxa for (on average) € 6.
The problems of postal routes do not allow us to send this type of material regularly outside of our missions on site.
Concretely, we treat 250 patients over our two weeks on site. On average, we use 20 needles per patient. We can then use 5000 needles per mission. A box of 1000 needles costs 26 €.

Help us care for more patients

You give 20 €

After tax reduction: 6 € 80

You give 50 €

After tax reduction: 17 €

You give 100 €

After tax reduction: € 34

We buy :

  • 1 can of moxa
  • 2 boxes of needles of 100

We buy :

  • 3 boxes of moxa
  • 1 box of 1000 needles
  • 1 packet of Vaccaria seeds

We buy :

    • 8 can of moxa
    • 2 boxes of needles of 100

You treat

  • 10 pregnant women
  • 10 acupuncture patients

You treat

  • 30 pregnant women
  • 50 acupuncture patients

You treat

  • 80 pregnant women
  • 100 acupuncture patients

Donations for the benefit of organizations of a humanitarian nature give the right to a tax reduction equal to 66% of the amount of the sums paid, retained within the limit of a ceiling equal to 20% of taxable income (Art. 200 of the code general tax)