To start raising money, we have set up a crowdfunding campaign on the KissKissbankbank platform.

What will the collection be used for?

Phase 1: 3000-2
0 daysMa
terial purchase: 1200 eu
ros Local travel costs: 800 var
ious formalities: 250 Meals
Accommodation: 750 – Ide
ntification of the places of intervention and the population concerned. Meeting and setting up partnership with local stakeholders

Phase 2: 6000
Material purchase: 300
0 -Local logistics costs: 1500
local development: 1500 –
Purchase of care equipment, and care tables. De
velopment of the reception ar
ea. Recruitment and implementation of the 1st response team.

Phase 3: 9000
-Materials and teaching kit: 2500 – D
evelopment of educational tools and implementation of the emergency care training project for local stakeholders.

Your support will enable us to:

  • To buy tools and care materials (acupuncture needles, treatment table, hygiene materials, etc.) and basic pharmacopoeia.
  • To set up the places where patients are welcomed.
  • To participate in the logistical costs of the volunteer stakeholders: food and shelter.
  • In case of overtaking, we can then begin the work of developing the 2nd phase of the project: creation of care protocols for the training of local therapists, information and awareness seminars…

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